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    Error when trying to open a model file

    jamesmiller _

      Hey everyone, I a newbie here. I just purchased the software for my company, and I am getting an error when trying to open a model (.xmod) file.


      I have screenshots, but it appears that I can't attach them.


      The message says it has encountered an error and needs to close.


      How do I fix this?

        • Error when trying to open a model file
          Olly Bond

          Hello James,


          i would try running Monarch, and when you get the intuitive and user friendly grey screen, go to File, then select Open Report. Then find the spool file, PDF, text,PRN file that you need to work with.


          Then you can go to File, Open Model. You can work with models on their own without reports, but it's not possible in some versions of Monarch and it's certainly not suitable for beginners.





          • Error when trying to open a model file
            Grant Perkins

            Hi James and welcome to the forum.


            For screen shots you will need to host the image file elsewhere (typically one of the free photo hosting sites perhaps?) and then you can paste a link.


            Is the error message coming from within Monarch?


            One thing to check is that your .NET installation is at the required level - the latest level should work fine afaik. I think the installation (stand alone at least) will check for that but it is possible that things don't always install quite as intended. If you are using the stand alone version there is no harm in trying a re-install if nothing else helps you make progress. I had to do exactly that with a completely different application a couple of weeks ago and the second attempt not only looked different at certain stages but also worked fine!


            Other than that if you are following Olly's initial process flow and still getting the error we may need to dig deep on this one but also check the FAQ's on the Datawatch Monarch website and perhaps contact DW support.