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    Last Record Not Picked Up In Trap

    Jon Rasmussen

      The following is the last record in an inventory-related file.  The first field "ZP1" is the work center number and all other data is related to this work center.  The work center data is included in 4 rows in the .txt report I brought into Monarch.  The fields, lenghts, etc are identical.  The problem I am having is that the Trapping designed to put all work-center related data in one row/record is not including this final work center.  All preceding work center data is being "correctly" trapped.

      Any thoughts on what I am doing incorrectly?


      ZP1    4367M       6   16.00   16.00  108.00    8.00  LAB:    2.1210     2.1210 FIX:    2.2400     2.2400 LAB: 5066.0527      .0000   

      MX-PRSTGE/BOKARA JIT                                  SET:    2.1210     2.1210 VAR:     .3410      .3410 SET:   74.0000      .0000   


          • LABOR INTENSIVE, LABOR BURDEN ABSORBED ***       MACH:     .0000      .0000 THD:     .2640      .2640 MCH:     .0000      .0000   

      DEFAULT WIP LOCATION:                                                                                SET:     .0000      .0000

        • Last Record Not Picked Up In Trap
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Jon,


          If Monarch isn't including this last record in the shaded data set in the report window, then something about its structure is different than the structure of the other records that are being included using the same trap.


          Of course, determining what that difference is having only seen one aspect of the report is impossible.


          What's included in the trap line of your detail template? Can you post a representative sample of some of the other records here?


          Do all of the work centers have the AAN structure? Maybe you can use LAB: or FIX: as a floating trap?


          In order to include this final record along with the others, you'll need to revise the trap so that all of the detail records for the work centers play nicely with the rules that you define in the trap.