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    Capturing the Event Time and Alert on a Job Log

    BenDC _

      Hi! Does anybody know how I can capture the Event Time and Alert. I am particularly interested in the event time ("2009-10-28T20:03:01") and the message ("DwchServer.AnotherInstanceOfProcessIsStillActiveException") as shown on the joblog below.


      Thanks a bunch!




        • Capturing the Event Time and Alert on a Job Log
          Olly Bond

          Hello Ben,


          If all your job logs get written to a folder, then a simple monitored process would be able to read these and using a Monarch model get the data into the shape you want. There are a couple of pitfalls - the process will write a job log to the same folder it's monitoring, for example, so you might want to have a scheduled process that reads a day's logs and input-distributes them to another folder, where they can be parsed safely.


          I'm sure there are cleverer programming based approaches to interrogate the Event Viewer on the server, but if you just need a quick and dirty handle on the data this might help.


          Best wishes,