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    Report with variable multiple lines per record

    Kristie _

      Hi, I have a report that looks like this:

               11111111  name, customer  branchname

                                                       019          100.00

                    DESCR: Name of company

                    *MSG    alert on account

                    *MSG    more messages

               21111111  name, john        branchname

                                                       019          400.00

                    DESCR: Name of company

                                                       019           15.00

                                                       019            4.00

                    DESCR: Name of company

               31111111  customer, name   branchname

                                                       019         1000.00

                                                       019          800.00

                                                       019           50.00

                                                       019           45.00

                                                       019            5.00

                    *MSG    alert on account

                    *MSG    more messages

                    *MSG    even more messages[/code]


      I am able to trap account, name, dollar amounts but I cannot get the "*MSG alerts".

      I am using a detail trap to get the "019    dollar" and an append trap to get Account number, name, branch name.

      Is it possible to get the msg alerts since they can be any distance from the account number and there can be more than one *msg per account?

      Thanks in advance for any help.