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    Need help with subtotals

    adonis _

      I did the following like the help file says:  But still am having issues.

      To add subtotals to a summary:


      Double-click on the key field to display the Key Field dialog.


      Click the Display tab at the top of the dialog.


      Under the After Each Key Value Change heading, select the Insert Subtotal Line check box.


      Displaying Blank Lines Along with Subtotals


      When the Insert n Blank Line(s) After Each Key Value Change option is also selected, Monarch inserts the subtotal line first, then the blank line.


      Add a subtotal label in the Label field (optional). You can add an identifying label to the subtotal line by entering the label text in the Label box. For example, to add a subtotal label for the Customer key field, you might enter "Customer Total". You can also choose to have the key value displayed to the right or left of it by selecting the Include Key Value in Subtotal Label On check box and selecting Right or Left.


      Choose OK.


      Monarch re-displays the summary including subtotal lines.


      When i perform the process it does not perform the break after each distinct symbol rather after each symbol, i need that fixed, this is my problem.  If you noticed the colum where ICAD and below is the symbol, and these symbols are not being grouped up and the subtotal is below the change in symbol.

      I will try to play around on my end but have had problems with the subtotal function, please let me know if you have any advice to fix this.


      2009-10-22     C     Resolved     ICAD     2009-10-19     5775     3000

      2009-10-22     C     Resolved     Subtotal          5775     3000


      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     LQD     2009-10-19     -52185     -500

      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     Subtotal          -52185     -500


      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     LQD     2009-10-19     -260948     -2500

      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     Subtotal          -260948     -2500


      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     LQD     2009-10-19     -104380     -1000

      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     Subtotal          -104380     -1000


      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     LQD     2009-10-19     -29229.2     -280

      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     Subtotal          -29229.2     -280


      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     LQD     2009-10-19     -143547.53     -1375

      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     Subtotal          -143547.53     -1375


      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     LQD     2009-10-19     -112752     -1080

      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     Subtotal          -112752     -1080


      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     LQD     2009-10-19     -150346.51     -1440

      2009-10-22     S     Resolved     Subtotal          -150346.51     -1440

        • Need help with subtotals
          adonis _

          I was also able to adjust the process to create subtotals but the problem is if let's say all items on a record don't match up though they have the same symbol, the item goes to a new record, only the like entire records are subtotaled, is there any way to have all symbols grouped up together?

            • Need help with subtotals
              adonis _

              think i resolved it by putting business unit as an item, if i need help will advise, wow figured this one out alone.

                • Need help with subtotals
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Adonis,


                  You're right - subtotals are broken on key fields, not item fields. If you can minimise the number of key fields you need/use it will help Monarch work faster too. Keep experimenting - not displaying duplicates, hiding key columns and so on can give you very rich results, especially if you export to Excel with drill-up/drill-down and formulae. Then there's a whole world of options in the formatting - including global style sheets.


                  I think Datawatch should have a one day training course just on summaries...


                  Best wishes,