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    monarch pro keeps closing!

    roger_27 _

      I want to map this HTML document in monarch pro, but no matter what I do, every time I try to open the report, the whole program just closes!! is there something wrong with the document? what does this mean? how can I fix this?


      I need to get this thing mapped! any help is appreciated!! thanks!

        • monarch pro keeps closing!
          Data Kruncher

          Monarch Pro 9 ought to be able to handle the HTML document, but maybe there's something in there that's giving it a virtual headache.... :confused:


          Try opening the HTML document in Notepad, and then saving it as a .txt file. Does that file work better? It might be a bit more challenging to work with, but it might be a workable solution. Just an idea.


          Welcome to the forum, BTW.



            • monarch pro keeps closing!
              Olly Bond

              Hello Roger,


              HTML in Monarch can be a bit fiddly - Monarch reads the table structure of HTML to work out where the data is, but a lot of HTML generators use TD and TR tags to create whitespace for layout purposes. The result can be a pain...


              I'd suggest getting a free XPS printer driver from Microsoft, depending on your OS, and using Monarch v10 Pro. Alternatively, print the HTML file to PDF from your favourite browser.





                • monarch pro keeps closing!
                  roger_27 _

                  I fixed the problem. I was exporting HTML from microsoft word, and I should have used "Web Page, Filtered HTML" and I was using "Web Page HTML"


                  I guess regular web Page HTML comes out in CSS in in-line CSS formatting and stuff. too complicated for datapump.


                  thanks for the tips!