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    Can v9 client work with v10 upgrade

    littlejohn134 _

      hey all,

      About to upgrade from 9 to 10 and have over a 100 client installs.

      So the problem is getting the server and clients updated as close together as possible.

      But if the v9 client will work with the v10 server then I can upgrade the clients gradually.


      Is this possible?

        • Can v9 client work with v10 upgrade
          Olly Bond

          Hello John,


          There are a few variants of networked Monarch - I may not be totally up to date, but there were Citrix, Concurrent and Named-User in my day. Of these, the first would be trivial - upgrade the server and automatically everyone else is up to date. The other two both have a component on the client PC, and I doubt there's much chance of you getting it to work across versions.


          Bear in mind that different versions of Monarch require different .NET frameworks to be installed also - so check the minimum desktop requirements before upgrading. Datawatch might be kind enough to let you run two servers - so that you can gradually move users over from v9 to v10.





            • Can v9 client work with v10 upgrade
              littlejohn134 _

              Thanks Olly,

              I beleive our install is concurrent where we have it installe don a physical serve rnand can install as many clients as we like but only a set number can access at a time.


              I was thinking of the dual install and then upgrade the clients gradually.


              Those anyone have any suggestions on how they upgraded something similiar?