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    Batch Project Summary Export

    gsw1000 _

      I am using monarch 10 trying to export a fixed width text file.  When doing a project summary export from a batch file, is there a way to get it to only write out the Export file name that was specified in the command line parameter and not the one in the project file?  It is exporting that one as well as the file name that was specified in the project file.


      "C:\Program Files\Monarch\Program\monarch.exe" /rpt:"C:\monarch\Receive\CM425084.Dat" /mod:"C:\monarch\MonarchModels\CM425.xmod" prj:"C:\monarch\MonarchModels\CM425.xprj" /S /exp:"C:\monarch\Load\CM425084.Dat.txt" /expfileopt:"overwrite" /px:"CM-425_Summary" /exptable:"AssessedAmounts"