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    Project Excel export not exporting numbers

    Jeff C

      I have a process that reads an Excel database and performs various lookups etc.  I am able to open the project file manually and perform the summary export manually and all is well, but when the process is set to monitor and export the summary to Excel automatically one field returns 0's instead of the number.  Any ideas?  I have verified that the import database has the field as a number and the field is a number in the table and summary, just exports as 0's when automated.

        • Project Excel export not exporting numbers
          Olly Bond

          Hello Jeff,


          I'm not sure what version you're running, but as far as I understand it, I think you can't monitor a process where the input file is a database - e.g. an Excel file - instead of a report. That may result in your data being full of 0's - while still "working" in Monarch.


          Best wishes,