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    Monarch Export Error

    sbriske _

      I get this error that pops up when I export table data as an xls file type.  I'm using Monarch V 5.0  If I just keep hitting the retry button it works its way thru the error and saves the file, but I would like to not have that error.  Any ideas of what is causing this?  Here is the the message in the error window.


      Server Busy


      This action can not be completed because the other program is busy.  Chose 'Switch to' to activate the busy program and correct the problem.


      If I chose the switch to, nothing happens.


      Thanks for any help,


        • Monarch Export Error
          Data Kruncher

          I do recall having seen that for a short while using v5, but thankfully it stopped when I upgraded to v8.


          Other [URL="http://www.monarchforums.com/showthread.php?t=2758"]ideas posted[/URL] some months ago include changing your default printer (I know, it sounds ridiculous), and to test the export process by trying a different output file format, to see if Excel is the culprit.


          The last idea in that thread was posted recently, and is sound. Be sure to delete the output file if it already exists prior to exporting from Monarch. Yes, Monarch has the "overwrite" option, but I have seen better results with the older version if you manually (or via batch file or something) delete any existing files which you intend to replace with Monarch exports.