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    Monarch pro 10.01, enterprise server, thin client

    treed _

      Hi - Our users are on thin clients that hang off a Windows enterprise server.  We have a 5 user network Monarch license.  Our IT guys are having trouble installing the software in this environment - what's the best way to get this software working with a thin client setup?




        • Monarch pro 10.01, enterprise server, thin client
          Olly Bond

          Hello Tim,


          Datawatch sales should help you out. There is a "Citrix" style package of four or five licences designed for installations like yours.


          I don't know how friendly the terms are for swapping standalone / named-user network / concurrent network licences for the Citrix ones are.


          One the CD that comes with Monarch there used to be some little PDFs explaining the install routines for the network versions.


          Best wishes,