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    Multiple Line Trapping Criteria

    bethgordon _

      I am using Monarch Pro 10.   I am trying to capture the "Instructional" line toward the bottom of the report.  However, the trap is pulling all of the instructional lines.  I noticed that the instructional line I want has a blank line above it and below it.  I tried to trap three lines with the first and third lines being blank and the "Instructional" in the second line, but it didn’t work.  If anyone has any ideas on how to achieve this, I would really appreciate it.  Many thanks! 




      Base            Other            Ot

                                                  Base Salary          Salary           Salary           Sal

            Program                 FTE              Total            Average            Total          Aver

      Program 26 and                                                                               

      56 Administrative                  0.100                9,767         97,670                       

        Program 31                                                                               

      Instructional                     16.578              864,724         52,161           108,120     

        Program 31                                                                               

      Administrative                     1.000               88,616         88,616                       

        K-4 BEA                                                                               

      Instructional                     58.287            3,217,492         55,201             6,465     

        5-6 BEA                                                                               

      Instructional                     19.299            1,038,411         53,806             1,353     

        7-12 BEA                                                                               

      Instructional                     82.791            4,364,227         52,714             1,716     

        P-12 BEA                                                                               

      Instructional                    160.377            8,620,130         53,749           620,815     

        P-12 BEA                                                                               

      Administrative                    12.900            1,277,007         98,993                                                                               

      BEA                              173.277            9,897,137         57,117           627,070                                                                               

      Instructional                    221.745           12,099,000         54,563           864,416                                                                               

      Administrative                    14.000            1,383,134         98,795                                                                               

      Other                                                                                6,255                                                                               

      Active                           235.745           13,482,134         57,189           870,671                                                                               


      On Leave                                                                               

      Certificated Total               235.745           13,482,134         57,189           870,671     


        • Multiple Line Trapping Criteria
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Beth, and welcome to the Monarch forum.


          If I understand this properly, you're looking to capture the single record with the FTE value of 221.745.


          Here's how I did it.


          Make a two line detail template sample with the Instructional word on the second, so that the first line is blank.


          Use "instructional" as your trap characters, without the quotes of course, and set the Trap Line value to 2 from the default of 1.


          Paint a field on line 1 of the sample where it's blank and name this Category.  Paint each of your values in line 2, and on the Advanced tab, set the Preceeding string in the current line to instructional.


          That's it. OK the template definition.


          Now in the Table window, to isolate the only record that you want, create a filter with the formula: