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    Tab characters as field delimiters

    treed _

      Hi - I have a text-based report with fields delimited by tab characters.  I am loading the report in as a report.  I need to set floating traps for the detail record to capture all the fields but can't figure out how to specify that tabs are the field separator.


      The file is named Statement.tsv, however .txt also does not work.




        • Tab characters as field delimiters
          Data Kruncher

          Ideally, you've got the Pro edition of Monarch.


          If you do, open the file as a "database" instead of a "report". That makes this a very simple process, instead of potentially being a bit of a challenge with the "Standard" edition of Monarch.

            • Tab characters as field delimiters
              Olly Bond

              Hello treed,


              The MSRP program, included I think in the Monarch Utility now, allows you to prep awkward text files for easier handling...


              You could try replacing \9 (the decimal ascii code for a tab character) with \44 for a comma or \124 for a pipe (|) in case commas appear in your data.


              As Kruncher says, Monarch Pro should be able to read in a well bahaved tab delimited file easily using the Open Database option.


              Best wishes,