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    Extract with decimals

    shirow11 _

      I'm new to Monarch and trying to exact out some data from a report.  I created a model and my detail template.  I'm trying to extract out dollar amts.  In my detail template, I designated that field as numeric with 2 decimals.  When I click table to extract, it cuts off the cents and replaces it with 00.  What am I doing wrong?


      ex:  $5.75  extracts out to $5.00

        • Extract with decimals
          Grant Perkins

          Hi shirow11 and welcome to the forum.


          Are you absolutely sure that the field is picking up the decimal point and following characters?


          It might be worth running the VERIFY feature as a first look to see what it reports if you have not done so already.


          Are you by any chance using a floating trap based on the position of the 'period' character?




            • Extract with decimals
              Olly Bond

              Hello Shirow,


              Just one other thing that might be worth checking - in Monarch's Options menu, under Input Options, have a look to see if your decimal character is a Period "." or a Comma "," and make sure that it matches the data in your report.


              Best wishes,