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    populating user defined calculated field

    adonis _

      quick question, I have been asked to create a new column and populate the data across the board with a specific value ie: create a new column called Security and have the standard value  = C throughout for all records.

      can anyone help?

      I can create the new column but puting in a standard value for populating the all records for that field is where i get stuck.

        • populating user defined calculated field
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          If it's always going to be C[/B] for all records, then you can make a calculated CHARACTER field and give it the value "C" (with the quotes).


          If the value is going to change, again for ALL records, you can make the character column a runtime parameter and fill it in each time the model is run.

            • populating user defined calculated field
              adonis _

              Nick appreciate the feedback but not sure how can i create a standard process to automatically populate what you indicated.

              I can create the column to make the column but to get the value, not sure how to get the "C" populated for every record without manually typing that.  i want to have all records have that "C" value.

              can someone give me an example how to make that new field populate with that "C"

                • populating user defined calculated field
                  Data Kruncher

                  You're almost there. It seems that you're confusing a "formula-based" calculated field with the "user-edited" approach.


                  To automatically fill the field value for each record, you want to use the "formula-based" calculated field.


                  The "user-edited" approach will, by definition, require that you key each field.


                  Create a formula based calculated field and as Nick says simply make the expression for the field: