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    Excel 2007 and Database

    smitchell _

      I am in the process of converting my Excel 2003 spreadsheets to Excel 2007. I use several of these spreadsheets as a database for Monarch. The time to load them into Monarch has grown significantly. Some of them have as many as 70K lines. Do you have any suggestions on speading up this process (besides reverting back to Excel 2003)?

        • Excel 2007 and Database
          Data Kruncher

          Are you still using v9 as your profile indicates, or have you now upgraded to v10?


          You may find that you get better performance if you can load your Excel tables into an Access database, and then load the Access table into Monarch instead of from the Excel file. It might be a bit of an up-front task to convert your Excel files initially, but it might be a worthwhile exercise.


          I assume that if this is advantageous, you'll likely need to look at the processes that create the inital Excel files too, if you're the one creating them in the first place, that is. This could be a bit of an undertaking if you have a lot of them.


          If the Access approach is cumbersome, then try exporting the Excel files as CSV files. Try a converting a couple of the larger files to Access and/or CSV as a performance test. Do they load any faster into Monarch?


          If you're supplied the Excel files by another party though, this might need some thought.