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    Should I charge my coworkers?

    Nick Osdale-Popa

      These people really, really, really, need to take the basic Monarch class.


      They're relying on me too much to create their models for even the most simple of tasks.


      If only I could charge them the same as Datawatch' Model Creating service.


      Ah, well, I guess it keeps me gainfully employed.

        • Should I charge my coworkers?
          Data Kruncher

          Tough day at the office, huh?


          If I could have done that, I'd have long since retired to a private island in the Mediterranean, for the number of models I've developed to date.


          What about a per-use charge, akin to the music business model with royalties.


          Every time data gets exported using your model, you get a micro-payment via Paypal or something. Project exports earn more.

            • Should I charge my coworkers?
              Grant Perkins

              YEs in anser to the title.


              What you charge them is another matter. And how you charge them. Something tax free would be sensible all around.


              Be careful that you do not end up as the 'expert' with 'vital' skills. All potential promotion will stop if you are perceived as being too valuable to move.


              'Successful' people cause trouble and get prmotoed out of harm's way in order to save the business. Anywhere will do so long as it is not close to being mission critical.  :eek: