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    data line sometimes split over page header

    pwoolf _

      I have a report with data elements being selected from three different lines.  I have this defined with a detail template, and two appends.  I also have the header info in a header template by itself.  My problem is when the first line containing data is at the bottom of a page and the second and third lines are on the following page below the header.  In this instance they have also inserted an additional line right below the header but just before my data line for  "continuation of claim details" for the record beginning at the bottom of the previous page.  I don't know how to format my append template to ignore this inserted line and choose the line containing my data. This inserted line only occurs sporadically throughout the report.

        • data line sometimes split over page header
          Olly Bond

          Hello pwoolf,


          This is a farily common issue, and is usually easily solved by defining a new template of the type "page header". This template should contain the line(s) that you want Monarch to ignore in hte middle of your multi line detail.





            • data line sometimes split over page header
              pwoolf _

              Thanks Olly,


              I already have one page header template defined, but it doesn't include the line I want to exclude. How do I include and trap the line that only appears on occasion when the record is split over header?


              Patricia (pwoolf)

                • data line sometimes split over page header
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Patricia,


                  If you have a line of data that appears sometimes at page headers and sometimes not, then it's not really behaving like a page header. You could edit your detail template to also trap this line (check out using the preceding string in the advanced field properties to pick up data that appears below the first row of the detail), or you could edit the setting for forced page breaks in Monarch from the default 100 lines (up to 255 max).


                  If you can post sample data between and tags I'd be happy to help find the best fix.


                  Best wishes,



                    • data line sometimes split over page header
                      pwoolf _

                        Lname       Fname   MI CO=23 RCC=     CLAIM NUMBER=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXNCDMH                                       EST AMT DUE=                                                                               

                      7777777777  PAT ACCT=111111                                  MED REC=                                         ATTN PROV=PW000000 1.0000                                                                               

                      1                                                                                AGENCY                                                                               

                      ATTN AGENCY                                                                               

                      5555 AGENCY ROAD                                                                               

                      GASTONIA           NC 28054                                                                               

                      NPI  1111111111                                                                                333                   

                                                   44444444                                                             22                   07/07/2009            21                                                                               

                      PAID CLAIMS                                                                               


                      Lname       Fname   MI       7777777777  CONTINUATION OF CLAIM DETAILS                                                                               

                      ADSN     06012009 06012009       6.000 3 T1017  (T1017/HI) TARGETED CASE MA      11250       00    11250       00    11250       00    11250   99    


                      DED=     .00 PT LIB=     .00 CO PAY=     .00 TPL=       .00 DIFF=       .00     11250       00    11250       00    11250       00    11250         

                          ORIGINAL BILLED AMOUNT=          112.50 ORIGINAL DETAIL COUNT=                         TOTAL FINANCIAL PAYERS=       1                                                                               

                      Lname       Fname  MI CO=23 RCC=     CLAIM NUMBER=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXNCDMH                                       EST AMT DUE=                                                                               

                      77777777777  PAT ACCT=1111111                                  MED REC=                                         ATTN PROV=88888888B 1.0000          

                         AMI      06122009 06122009      10.000 3 H2015  COMMUNITY SUPPORT TEAM           17260       00    17260       00    17260       00    17260   99    


                      DED=     .00 PT LIB=     .00 CO PAY=     .00 TPL=       .00 DIFF=       .00     17260       00    17260       00    17260       00    17260         

                          ORIGINAL BILLED AMOUNT=          172.60 ORIGINAL DETAIL COUNT=                         TOTAL FINANCIAL PAYERS=       1                                                                               





                      Here is a sample of the report.

                      My Detail Template captures the PAT ACCT # (111111) and ATTN PROV(PW000000).

                      Append 1 captures ASDN, 06082009, 1.000, 90862, Medication Check, 4716, 4716, 99.

                      Append 2 captures Lname, Fname, MI, Claim Number (XXXXXXXXXXXXX).

                      Header captures 16 lines beginning one line above AGENCY NAME and ending one line below MEDICAL.  I tried extending this one more line to capture the next line

                      line containing "CONTINUATION OF CLAIM DETAILS" when it is there, but that did not work. This is the line that appears only when a record is split across the header.  The line below that is my next line of detail that is missing when this happpens.


                      This report hasn't been an easy one to work with, esp. being my very first ! I fear I have created one huge mess. Many thanks for your help.



                        • data line sometimes split over page header
                          Olly Bond

                          Hi Patricia,


                          The most common difficulty with your first Monarch model is that you need to think "upside down". It's natural, as a human reading a report, to see the first line (working from the top of the page) you want to trap - in your case the PAT ACCT and ATTN PROV line - and to select it and build a template for it. Monarch will, by default, make that the Detail template, as every model requires one and only one Detail template.


                          Reading on, you then find, lower down the page, data like your ADSN line. You want to trap this as well, and so select the line, and Monarch defaults to suggesting another template type for this template: an Append template. The problem with this is that you want the ADSN line to be associated with the PAT ACCT line (detail) that appears above the ADSN line, so the Append is the wrong type of template to use. You need to either:


                          - keep PAT ACCT as the Detail template, and define ADSN as a Footer template, or


                          - Change PAT ACCT to be an Append template, and define ADSN as the Detail.


                          Which is the right choice will depend on the way your data repeats and what you need in your output, and I can't tell for certain from a one page sample. In general, ask yourself what you want from the report that will appear on one and only one line of the table. Do you want one row per CLAIM? One per PAT ACTT? One per ADSN? Whatever the answer, then select the template that extracts this data and define it as the Detail. For the others, if they appear above the Detail, define them as Appends, if they appear below, define them as Footers.


                          Once we've got that right, tweaking the Page Header will be easy.


                          Best wishes,