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    Grouping by a specific field

    adonis _

      I am trying to group by a security number field, but for some reason it is not working.  i even tried creating a summary but the problem sometimes is the data is being reduced, not sure why, so only way is to take one field and make it an item, however when going to try the click on button and go to the subtotal component, it does not group all like items and iinsert a line between the end of a specific number and the next one, any ideas?

        • Grouping by a specific field
          mclark _

          Hi Adonis,

          Does the number field look "reduced" in the table window? Did you use the verify boundaries in the report window? When you look at the width and data length on the Data menu under Field List, are they both the same? When you say "reduced", I'm assuming that sometimes the field is not capturing the entire field.