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    Cumulative Count of SubTotal Percentage

    mclark _


      I believe this is an age old question or perhaps I'm overly excited about the new summarizations in Monarch V10 but here goes. I want my measure to give me the percentage of the subtotal but since I have an across summary, it seems that the percentages are reflecting the subtotal of the data across and the TOTAL reflects the cumulative of the GRAND TOTAL. I want the TOTAL to reflect the cumulative of the subtotal.

      Key = Site, Ins, Month(Across)

      Measure = Count(), COUNTSUBPCT()

      This is how it is......

      [FONT=Times New Roman]Site A     MAY     JUNE     JULY     TTL  %MAY     %JUNE   %JULY   %TOTAL[/FONT][/SIZE]

      [FONT=Times New Roman] HMO          3          3          4           10             30           30         40            12[/FONT][/SIZE]

      [FONT=Times New Roman] COM          3          2          5           10             30           20         50            12[/FONT][/SIZE]

      [FONT=Times New Roman]SubTot          6          5          9           20             30           25         45            24[/FONT][/SIZE]


      [FONT=Times New Roman]Site B[/FONT][/SIZE]

      [FONT=Times New Roman] HMO       10          5           5           20            50           25         25             24 /FONT[/SIZE]

      [FONT=Times New Roman] COM         0          0           1             1              0           50         50               2[/FONT][/SIZE]

      [FONT=Times New Roman]SubTot       10          5           6           21             48          24         28             26[/FONT][/SIZE]


      [FONT=Times New Roman]This is what I want.........[/FONT][/SIZE]

      [FONT=Times New Roman]Site A    MAY     JUNE     JULY     TTL   %MAY     %JUNE   %JULY    %TOTAL[/FONT][/SIZE]

      [FONT=Times New Roman] HMO        3          3          4           10             50           60         45            50[/FONT][/SIZE]

      [FONT=Times New Roman] COM        3          2          5           10             50           40         55            50[/FONT][/SIZE]

      [FONT=Times New Roman]SubTot        6          5          9           20           100          100       100          100[/FONT][/SIZE]





      Can I get what I want?:confused:

        • Cumulative Count of SubTotal Percentage
          Olly Bond

          Hello mclark,


          At first glance, I fear that you won't be able to do this in one model. You're asking Monarch to count up a summary across the months for the Count() measure, and then to count out the percentages down the column for each month for the CumSubPct(). I'll experiment with Classic and see if I can get a model to work this way, but I think you might need to use two models, or two summaries in one model, followed by a second model to combine the data in the format you are looking for.


          Best wishes,



            • Cumulative Count of SubTotal Percentage
              mclark _

              Thanks for the response. Monarch is such a super fantastic app but I guess even it has its limitations. Maybe the genuises behind Monarch as a future enhancement, can add another window - We have report window, table window, summary window which all seem to work independently of each other. Maybe they can add a Working window similar to a table window that would allow you to export(transfer) summaries and avoid having to export and use 2nd models to do calculations and things on summarized data. Wow wouldn't that be nice. :o