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    lklinstra _

      I need to do a complex filter and I don't have much experience using it in version 8.  I have a memo field, I redefine it with Textline (I define 7 lines).  I define the data in each of the seven lines with a calculated field using substring.  So, in these 7 lines, I have a field in each I'll call Batch.  I want to filter out anything that either has a value of 989 in a record and spaces in all others, or all the values are 989.  I want to capture an item if one of the values is 989, but at least one other value is NOT 989.  What would that look like?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello lklinstra,


          You might get halfway using Strip(Memo;" ")="989" which would give you a logical test for entries which were just one entry of "989" and the rest full of spaces.


          Strip(Memo;" 89") would reveal entries with other data, but wouldn't pick up entries with "898" for example...