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    How to run a bat/exe from Monarch?? Log File Issue with Testing Script?

    LJordan _

      My work is currently upgrading from a really old version of Monarch Ver 6 to version 9. What was done before is that we would have a bat file run from Post-Processing tab on the Workflow tab, the bat file would call an exe which would generate reports (powerbuilder).


      On the new version I see that it is using .net scripting to call any jobs I have add a command such as Process.Start(myfile.exe) to run the exe or try to use the bat file again to call the exe using such code as shell("mybat.bat") the code seems to complie correctly, but the either process seems to work.


      Even when I try to run a test on it from compile/run button, it is asking for a job log I try to use an exisiting one that is there to have it over write it but it doesn't log anything new into the log file.


      Is there anything that I am missing in trying to execute these bat or exe files and also does anyone now how to use the complie/run funtionality correctly with trying to log the results to a file.


      Thanks in advance