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    Floating trap

    Ari _

      using 9.01



      I have a field that is 20 characters


      Example  300 BLK MAIN ST

                   100 WEST ST BLK 1


      I want to get all the lines that have the word BLK in this field.  I set the trap, but it only takes the field from the word BLK for 20 Charcters.


      So I get

                  BLK MAIN ST

                  BLK 1


      It also looks on the whole report for BLK instead of just the field.

      Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?



        • Floating trap
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Ari,


          You're not doing anything wrong, that's the way that floating traps work, which I why I personally try to avoid them. They really do have a very specific role, and when you need it a floating trap is fabulous, but your case isn't it.


          Instead I'd recommend that you find another trap and paint your 20 character address field normally. Then create a filter to isolate the addresses containing the "BLK" string, with an expression like this:






          If you'd still like to go with the floating trap approach though, please post a more complete sample of the report and we'll give it a go.