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    Monarch Reference book

    RN Glydon

      Other then the manual that comes with Monarch, can anyone recommend a reference manual for Monarch.  I am using Monarch Pro 10.00



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          Olly Bond

          Hello RN Glydon,


          A friend of mine has been mulling over the idea of writing "Monarch for Dummies" for a while, or perhaps it should be published by O'Reilly with a drawing of a butterfly on the cover... Sadly, it hasn't happened yet.


          The official training course do provide some extra material, I believe, and there was a one hour web based training course for about $100 which walked you through building a very basic model.


          But the best way to learn is to do, and if you post some sample data here there's plenty of us who will try and help you out.


          Best wishes,



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              Grant Perkins

              Just to echo Olly's comments ....


              The Learning Guide (Electronic version in recent times usually installed with the application) and included Help (Ditto) are quite comprehensive and provide the basics then cover some more advanced topics.(You should also have access to the Linked Objects tutorial but I strongly suggest that that is one to be tackled only once you feel comfortable with the Basic to Advanced lessons. If you are already at that level it may be worth a read.)


              But some needs an be very esoteric and, frankly, confusing when you first stumble upon them. A guiding hand, as often provided on the forum, helps.


              In fact most concepts are easy to apply once made clear - but I would hate to try to write a book that attempted to cover them, the first problem being how to clearly guide the reader to the relevant section for their requirement (and often there are a number of options all of which will work ...) and the second would be covering the vast number of specialised situations that occur within certain application or application types.


              Realistically Monarch provides a tool set. Once you have discovered the basics of the tool set consider how you might, in your work environment, make use of each of the tools for certain things and then how they all fit together on a task. Once you have that under control it becomes easier to approach a new challenge with view to selecting the right tools and where to start from.


              Lastly, it only takes a couple of minutes to experiment and you can do so without breaking anything. Highly recommended as an aid to output productivity.





            • Monarch Reference book
              RN Glydon

              Thank you for the suggestion.  I have started moving beyond the basic monarch and was looking to see if there was any material available to help me move into the advance process.