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    Excel Export that once worked now fails!!

    Grant _

      This process always worked then magically stopped with this error.  I recall it happening before and can't remember how I fixed it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




      See error below...



      + 08-12-2009 14:36:10 Set project file:


      time  2009-08-12T14:36:10



      + 08-12-2009 14:36:11 The file is not in the expected Excel format. Only Excel 97 and higher versions are supported.


      time  2009-08-12T14:36:11



      - 08-12-2009 14:36:11 Failed: DwchServer.ExporterFailureException: Exporter method RunAllExports returned false. at DwchServer.JobHandler.a(MpExportClass A_0, ServerDB A_1, JobLog A_2, Int32 A_3) at DwchServer.JobHandler.a(ServerDB A_0)


      time  2009-08-12T14:36:11

      alert  SystemAlertJobFailed