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    Creating Page Headers

    samoore _

      Is it possible to create a Page Header on an exported excel spreadsheet with a logo on it? I have many clients that receive automated spreadsheets from us through Monarch Data Pump but the always request our logo on the spreadsheet. I sent out multiple spreadsheets daily and would like to provide this customization. Any assistance would be appreciated.





        • Creating Page Headers
          Olly Bond

          Hello Scott,


          I've not found any way to do this in DataPump itself, but MDP v10 is around the corner and perhaps this will have something.


          If you are posting data into an existing sheet, eg, into Spreadsheet-CustomerName.xls, then you could define a named range in this sheet and get DataPump to export the data into this.


          You would lose a lot of freedom in naming outputs with wildcards like the date, but that might be a workaround?


          Best wishes,