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    External lookup ?

    fatboy02 _

      At the beginning of each month I receive 4 separate Excel spreadsheets. 


      The first sheet lists inventory that is currently excess and obsolete (E&O). 


      The second spreadsheet lists inventory that will become E&O the next month but also includes the data from spreadsheet one.


      The third spreadsheet lists inventory that will become E&O in 2 months but also includes data from the previous 2 spreadsheets.


      Spreadsheet 4 follows the same logic.


      My need is to generate a report that gives me:


      Only new E&O items for:


      Next month

      2 months out

      3 months out


      Getting New E&O for next month isn’t a problem as I first opened spreadsheet 2 and did an external lookup against spreadsheet 1and was able to extract the items that were on spreadsheet 2 but were not on spreadsheet 1. 


      I can do the same thing to get 2 month E&O by opening spreadsheet 3 and using sheet 2 for an external lookup.  Likewise for the 3 month data.


      I’m sure this isn’t the most efficient way of getting the data I need and, given the fact that I am a Monarch newbie, I thought I would present this to the group and see how you all would approach mining this data. . .


      Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance for any suggestions. . .