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    Pasting from Monarch to Excel

    Greg Reber

      I am using Monarch 7.0.


      Below is a sample of the report (txt file) that I use.



        Item              Date        Quantity

      17127PDRUM    7/06/2009         8  

      90069             7/21/2009       120 

      90069             7/22/2009       804 

      90069             7/24/2009       288 

      28021             7/16/2009     1,540

        4029PDRUM     7/06/2009         5 

      67168GROUT   7/14/2009     1,050 



      The model I use has the Item field set to character.


      When using Excel 2003, the Item field was pasted from Monarch, and would be text in Excel.  (The numerics would have leading spaces.)


      I have just switched to Excel 2007.  When pasting from Monarch, the items with alpha characters are text, but the numeric items are numbers.


      Is this a problem with Excel 2007 (converting numeric text to values)?  Is there a solution to make the numeric text stay as a character?


      When I do a File Export Table, the column for the Item field is text.