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    Monarch V9 crashes on start up

    Jacktheg _

      We have been using Monarch 9 on XP Pro for months.  Within the last three weeks, it has started to crash when we try to open a report.


      "When I open Monarch & click on File, Open Report, the box flashes quickly then disappears.  I cannot open report or do anything & end task is required to get out.  I had already purchased an upgrade to V10 so I installed it to see if that helped, but it did not.


      I uninstalled Monarch & installed version 8.  I do not have this same problem with Version 8, but when I re-installed version 9, the same problem occurs.  Version 9 was working fine for me for a while, I used it in June and the the first week of July, so it’s a recent problem.  I haven’t installed any programs recently, but today I did install Microsoft .NET 3.5, since this was required to install Monarch version 10, this was after I was already having problems with Monarch V9."


      Does anyone have any ideas how to correct this problem?  Thank you.