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    Monarch workstation install corrupts software

    mrobinson _

      We had a very strange incident the other day where our network installation became corrupt.  My colleague ran setup from the network install onto a new app server.  Everything seemed to install without incident until they tried to run the software, and an error occurred.


      Upon investigation we determined that some of the program files, not all, only some, (monarch.exe) had the windows properties tabs completely missing.  It seemed to have scewed up NTFS permissions, because no one could access the software.  We ended up restoring from backup and are back online. 


      We are leary of attempting another install at this point as I can not have all 60 users  down again.  This is Monarch Pro 8.5. (we are in the upgrade process)


      Just curious if anyone has ever seen anything like this.  The Datawatch tech had not.