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    Please forgive my ignorance, trap line >1 error

    sawarner _



      I am a relatively new user of Monarch version 9.01.  (Relative as in, I have had it for a while, but have had fewer opportunities to use it than I would like.)


      I have run into a strange error and I am hoping that it is little more than a warning, or that there is a way to circumvent it.


      I have built a multiline trap that works on line 2 of the selected area.  I know that it is valid, but I get the following error when I open the model, "Trap line >1 cannot be used with this file."


      According to the error description, this occurs if the trap doesn't appear after 32,000 lines.


      That is to be expected with this particular, 2,000 page, file because it is alphebetically sorted and my trap begins within the 'R's.


      My questions are:


      • Is this a problem?


      • And if so, is there a way around it?


      • And finally, will this be an issue if I were to apply this model within

              Monarch Data Pump?


      Please let me know.


      Thank you for your time,

      Steve W. =8-)