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    Formula to Calculate Easter

    thecontroller _



      The following formula calculates Easter Sunday in Excel where B2 is the year:

      The format of the date is (mm/dd/yyyy)




      This function renders a serial number in Excel that can be formatted to display in date format.


      I am trying to determine when Easter Sunday falls when given any year.

      Let us suppose that I am trying to determine when Easter Sunday is in 2009.

      (It's April 12, 2009 BTW)


      How do I write the equivalent formula in Monarch?



        • Formula to Calculate Easter
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          I can get you to the Excel Serial[/I] Number for the date as such (Note all formulas require V10):




          Now we just need to be able to convert the Serial Number to a proper date format:



          To make it all one formula:



          That should do it.

            • Formula to Calculate Easter
              Grant Perkins

              Another possibility, since the rule makes pre-calculation of the date fairly certain, is to run the formula in Excel for a number of years and then use the resulting information for a lookup, either internal or external.


              Creating an internal lookup would allow the potential for storing the Easter Dates object in a central model ready to re-use whenever it is required.



              Just a thought.




                • Formula to Calculate Easter
                  thecontroller _



                  Thank you for translating the formula.  It works beautifully.


                  BTW, for those following, the Excel formula translated was another Excel formula that calculates Easter and it is:






                  I also like the idea of lookups because less computations means more efficient models.