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    Non-matching rows with external lookup

    lorisc _

      I'd like to compare data from various dates, with account number as the linking column.  However, there may be a few different account numbers between dates.  Is there a way to bring in the non-matching rows; aka to show that this is a new account for that date?  Thanks.

        • Non-matching rows with external lookup
          Olly Bond

          Hello lorisc,


          Sadly no, you can't add new rows to your table by doing an external lookup. All the external lookup will do is add fields to existing table rows.


          What you can try is a three project approach - assume data sets A and B.


          Project 1 - open A, lookup from B, export to C.


          Project 2 - open B, lookup from A, export appending to C


          Project 3 - open C, filter as required.