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    2 separate emails sent out combined

    carpy _

      I am trying to send out 2 separate emails (each one has the same attachment) to 2 different recipients.  Each email should have different subject text (each email needs certain information to be included in the subject area due to who they're being sent to).  However, DataPump is sending the 2 emails out as one email (with both subject text combined into the one subject text) that is being sent to both recipients.  I am sending the emails with 2 separate log.addDistribution_Email statements in the PostExport script of my procedure.  Can you tell me why the 2 separate emails are being sent out as one and how to fix it please?

        • 2 separate emails sent out combined
          Olly Bond

          Hello Carpy,


          We've seen similar behaviour, where DataPump sends the emails (with half a dozen attachments, to 20 or so recipients) sometimes with all the attachments together, sometimes with 4 files in one and 2 in another email.


          We're just sending these from an export distribution, not from a script. As some of our data is confidential to the individual recipients, we'd be keen to hear of any fix as well.


          Best wishes,