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    Application "Not Responding"

    Lance.Benson _

      I currently run an automated process processing many text files each night. This has run fairly smoothly for months. Starting a couple of days ago, Monarch v10 Pro started to freeze up. I can open any report, even one of the very small sample reports that are provided with monarch and I still have this issue.


      The application opens without a problem. I can select any report and the application opens the report. Once the report is open, attempting to take any action whatsoever causes the application to be become nonresponsive. The report window becomes blank and the menu bar is blanked out as well. You can still see the toolbar, but you can't do anything with the application. I have to close the application using the task manager. There is not type of error message response from the application...


      I have tryed uninstalling and reinstalling the application. I have even attempted installing an older version of Monarch, but I continue to have the exact same problem.


      Any suggestions? And thanks in advance!