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    Cannot Export to Excel

    w_mccall _

      I cannot export to an Excel file, Access database, etc.  Under Options/Export and Clipboard, I see options to allow for Paradox, dBase, Access, Excel files, etc.  However, when I run the Export Wizard, none of those options appear. Any idea why?



        • Cannot Export to Excel
          Data Kruncher

          I'll guess that you're attempting to export from the Report window. The export options are pretty limited there.


          Try exporting from the Table or Summary window instead, and let us know if all is well.


          And welcome to the forum, btw.



            • Cannot Export to Excel
              w_mccall _

              From the table and summary windows, I still only see options for fixed or delimited text files.  Nothing else.

                • Cannot Export to Excel
                  Olly Bond



                  The General tab for in the Export & Clipboard Options dialog, which lets you specify file types for Paradox DBase, Access and Excel exports.


                  In the Export Wizard, the first dialog lets you specify what you want to export - report / table / summary, sort order, filter - and the second dialog box prompts you for the filename to export to.


                  Monarch determines the file type from the extension used here - if no extension is given, a text file is assumed. To get it to play ball and export to Excel, type filename.xls in the dialog box and then all should be well.


                  Best wishes,