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    Organizing processes question

    Intrepid _

      We run many processes a day at my place of work, and many of which have nearly identical descriptions.  Is it possible to group a set of processes in say, a uniquely named folder within data pump administrator?  As it is, it is a pain scrolling through hundreds of processes and then trying to discern exactly which process it is I need to run without misclicking.


      Any help would be fantastic, thanks!



        • Organizing processes question
          Olly Bond

          Hello Intrepid,


          We've got a similar challenge, although with slightly fewer processes. The DataPump administrator console only seems to allow us to sort processes by name, description, and priority. We needed to identify who created each process, how frequently they run, and provide a link to the documentation of each one, e.g.:


          OB - Example Process Name . . . R0123 - Budget  consumption reports . . . 7 . . . SE[/CODE]


          This lets us sort the list to find our own processes, to find the processes relevant to a document in the library (R0123), and setting the priority field to 7 for weekly jobs, 1 for daily, 30 for monthly etc lets us find the processes that ought to be running that day.


          Perhaps having an extra user defined column that could be added to the console display would be helpful - I'm looking forward to seeing DataPump v10 when it appears.


          Best wishes,