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    Yet another MDP issue

    Chickenman _

      A process has been running fine for two years. Suddenly, it has begun erroring - no changes have been made to anything.


      Email Notification 'SystemAlertJobFailed'


      Failed: DwchServer. Export Failure Exception: Exporter method RunAllExports returned false.


      I ran the process manually with the same results. The process has two projects, the first grabs one input (text) file and exports to Excel. The second picks another input file and exports to append to the Excel from the prior step. The process then emails the complete file and deletes all input and output.


      When it failed, my attempt to open the Excel indicated corrupt file. Just like the error message says...:eek:


      Further to this obvious settings like Export and Clipboard Options are:

      XLS Files: Excel 97

      Apply Formatting and Apply "Advanced Excel Features" are checked.


      Perhaps someone can suggest other aspects that can be investigted to pin this down and resume proper processing.