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    Issue processing PDF through .bat

    Barry Pittelman

      I am currently running .tifs through an ocr program that exports to pdf format. 


      If I open the pdf directly through Monarch, everything works fine. 


      However, if I try to process through a .bat file, Monarch will open the file in the PDF import options window, but will not let me load it to the report window and crashes the application. 


      The command in the .bat I am using is straight from the help manual


      "C:\Program Files\Monarch\Program\Monarch.exe" /rpt:"C:\Program Files\Monarch\Reports\.xmod" /T


      What am I missing?

        • Issue processing PDF through .bat
          TPAUL _

          You can try to ensure that within the model - and maybe the application - you switch off the "show pdf window" at start.


          Also -- very interested in knowing what programs you use to auto OCR tifs.. is it Microsoft Office DOcument Imager?? if so do you have some snipets of code you wish to share??



            • Issue processing PDF through .bat
              Barry Pittelman

              I am actually trying a product call Readiris Pro.  The corporate version will monitor a folder and produce a searchable pdf from a .tif (and I am sure other formats). 


              btw.. it appears if you create a package you won't have the issue I originally wrote about. 


              My new problem, however, is that the package requires the name of the file (report) to be the same, and I am processing hundreds of pdfs all with unique names. 


              So now I need to create a utility that will rename to a common name (ie ocr.pdf) and then after Monarch is done grab the original file name and rename.