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    Null values ??

    jdino73 _

      I am using excel as my external database. Some of the columns that i am bringing in do not have data in them yet. However i would still like to bring in these columns so i can set up my model and project for future use. When I create a calculated field to add together the 12 columns the result is zero. I belive it has somehting to do with that some of the columns do not have data yet. How can i fix this. I would like to set up the formuala now to add all of the columns together


      The forumala i am using in the calcuated field is just a simple

      column a + column b+ columnc+ etc


      Your help is greatly appreciated

        • Null values ??
          TPAUL _

          You can try a conditional field for each column. example for columna:



          This assumes that all other columns have a valid number in them -- i.e. no letters or characters.