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    Columns display out of logical order

    Chickenman _

      :mad: Another annoying situation:


      Imported a CSV of 3 years' sales data ranging from 2/1/2006 thru 1/31/2009 - file contains ~300,000 rows.


      Created a simple summary - Keys: Customer & Date; Measure: Sales (amount)


      Set the Date Key to display Across, Match Upper Limit values 1/31/2007, 1/31/2008, 1/31/2009.


      Actual display: |1/31/2007| |1/31/200[B]9[/B]| |1/31/2008|


      I have been looking at this all morning and cannot discern why it displays like this - any ideas on what must be the obvious error here that I simply don't see?


      I'll cure this of course in the Excel export but would be nice to avoid secondary operations whenever possible.



        • Columns display out of logical order
          Olly Bond

          Dear Chickenman,


          The order of the across keys when using match upper limits cannot be set by the position in the specified values list, as this list is being used for the upper values. So the sorting option on that key only offers the chance to sort by field values or measures.


          I've replicated it here with 10 rows of dummy data and it's behaved as you'd expect with 07, 08 and then 09 across the columns.


          Best wishes,



            • Columns display out of logical order
              Chickenman _



              I have used this many times in V10 and previously V9 without a problem. The sort[/U]is set for descending on measures Totals and that works fine. It is the display of limit summaries that has suddenly run amok.


              Not surprising that you couldn't reproduce based on my prior experience.





                • Columns display out of logical order
                  Data Kruncher



                  I was only able to duplicate your results (dates out of order) by sorting the date field using the Measure field, much as Olly has indicated. When sorting based on the Key field, the dates line up properly.


                  Here's my (albeit limited) sample data:








                  Perhaps your results are affected for some completely illogical reason by the larger data set. :confused:


                  What happens if you only use, say, 100 random rows of your data set?