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    Excel Format problem in V8 Pro

    Massbo _

      Similar to a problem that Krrusell had with V9 a year ago that Data Kruncher answered, I believe the V8 Pro Monarch has a similar problem. Our company recently upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007. The models I've built (hundreds of them) use the value option of "thousands" and my export option is flagged to use Excel formatting when I export using Excel 97+ as my default in these models. With Office 2007 Excel, the export results do not format the columns nor do they provide commas in the value fields. If I change the export option to use Excel 5.0/95, the comma values and column formats appear to work fine. Was there a patch to this problem after 8.02 Pro that is available that corrects this problem?  I can't imagine having to go through each custom model and updating the export :eek:

        • Excel Format problem in V8 Pro
          Data Kruncher

          Welcome to the forum Massbo.


          8.02 was the last patch published for v8.


          I personally have yet to experience the joy of an Office 2007 "upgrade", but I'm sure that it's coming sooner than later.


          Just now I've exported .xlsx files from both v9 and v10, and when I open the files with Excel 2003 (which converts the xlsx formats upon opening, large values are displayed properly with commas.


          I suspect that a Monarch upgrade is in your future. It would be well worthwhile and easy to justify, given the level of effort for you to adjust all of the required models. There are a number of genuinely useful [URL="http://********************/tips/new-year-new-features"]new features[/URL] in v10




          • Excel Format problem in V8 Pro
            Massbo _

            Data Kruncher,  I will consider budgeting for a newer version, but I would think this is a compatibility problem.    Wouldn't it make more sense for the issue to be raised with Microsoft?  If Monarch works with the Excel 5.0/95 export feature in Office 2007 Excel and the 97+ option does not,  it seems that there is a missing driver .  We don't use every single advanced feature that V9 or V10 has, so forcing an upgrade is something I don't like to do with so many users of the product within our organization.   I'll go back to Microsoft and report the issue since there doesn't seem to be a solution within the Monarch software other than to upgrade.