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    Project Export not working via CMD

    debijo _

      I have a command in a cmd file:

      start /wait monarch /prj:"u:\models\lawson-auto-file-delete.xprj" /T

      That opens correctly.  I click on project exports and click "run all".  It exports 141 records.


      If I run this command:

      start /wait monarch /prj:"u:\models\lawson-auto-file-delete.xprj" /T /PXALL

      It creates the export file but only puts in the header row with no data.


      I have fiddled with this thing for the last 2 hours and can't figure it out.  I try just the /exp:...  and it behaves the same way.  If I export from inside the gui, it works.  If I just use the /exp:"c:\temp\linte.txt" switch in my cmd file it gives me the header row only not the 141 records I'm expecting.


      What am I missing?

      Thanks in advance,


      V10 Pro