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    Report header on spreadsheet?

    bgoderwis _

      With Monarch pro v9, on an Excel exported file, is there a way to put a couple of lines of info before the column headers start?  This would be similar to a report header on a printed report - name of the report, maybe run date, etc.




        • Report header on spreadsheet?
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Bob,


          If you go to the Page Setup dialog and change the Page Header, including what you want, that text will be exported to the Excel file (if you're using the Excel V9 driver, IIRC).


          With v9, Monarch creates the Excel file so that your header becomes the header in the page setup in the Excel. It does not put what you've setup in the Monarch model directly into sheet cells, so it's only visible when printing.




            • Report header on spreadsheet?
              bgoderwis _

              Hi Kruncher,


              Thanks for the quick response.


              You're right, of course.  I had already tried (and hoped) that the page header would translate to the spreadsheet.  However, when I pulled up the xls and didn't see any headers, I assumed that it didn't work and so posted this thread.  It never occurred to me to actual print anything.


              Thanks again.

                • Report header on spreadsheet?
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Bob,


                  If I'm not mistaken, the display of header information within a spreadsheet (and not just when printing) is a feature of Monarch version 10.


                  I'm not in front of it here to check, but I think I recall seeing that demo'd at the recent German launch. There's a point in the brochure PDF: "Add Monarch Page Title to Exported Excel Files" which I think must refer to this.


                  Best wishes,