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    abnerl _

      I have just joined yesterday. So far I'm thankful I got the answers to my problems through the past threads. My problems were about the (Null)[/B] values in the table window and the command line syntax to export/append to an existing Excel file. I'm just wondering why the command line syntax is not documented fully in the Help section. It only shows the option for /rpt, /mod and /prj. Is there any other source of documentation that I can look at?

      Thank you all!

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          Grant Perkins

          Hi abnerl and welcome to the forum.


          You should be able to find a complete list of command - more than you mention - in the first Help section that is listed if you search the Help using the word commands. V10 additions are specifically referenced and I see from your profile you have V10.


          If you can't find V10 features referenced there is something strange going on.