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    Error encountered while reading sample data

    elginreigner _

      I get an error that states:


      "An error was encountered while reading teh sample data. The value at row 1, column 8 could not be read. This and subsequent bad values will be treated as nulls. "


      I was working with a Charles Thompson in tech support but he is no longer returning my calls.


      What is happening, the best I can tell, is Monarch is treating this field(column8) as numeric and not character. The values in the fields are 12345T. When I place the T in from of the numbers it reads the file correctly, however that was only for testing purposes. I would rather not adjust this value from my SQL script as this is a core lookup field for my system.


      I am either looking for a solution or verification that this does not happen in version 10.


      I can not send the file to anyone as it contains medical data about patients. I am on version 9.01.

        • Error encountered while reading sample data
          Grant Perkins

          Is it reasonable to assume that you are opening a database directly and you are not applying a model at that time?


          Or are you applying a model which is defined as numeric but it is encountering alpha content in the first row?




            • Error encountered while reading sample data
              Olly Bond

              Hello Elgin,


              If your input file is Excel, then a field containing "12345T" should be recognised as character without a problem. So I assume your input file is CSV. I'd suggest opening it as a report and not a database, then using the floating trap on the field sepaator (",", "|") to get the data into the table. You can define your field types yourself this way.


              The issue of confidential data is a constant problem - I've asked Datawatch to provide a tool to scramble data while preserving whitespace & punctuation so that we could look at these problems. In this case, can you not edit the data so that it's just got one line of data for "Mickey Mouse"'s medical record?


              Best wishes,