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    Moving Monarch Program

    kpham3699 _

      I have a licensed Monarch Pro 7.0.  Now I moved it into my laptop by copying the entire folder from my desktop.  When running the program on my laptop, I have received the following message:


                     "This program is unlicensed"


      Please help.  Thanks

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          RalphB _

          Hi kpham3699 and welcome to the forum.


          You didn't state if this is a network version of Monarch or not but if it is a stand alone version you have to use the installation disk and the product code you received from Monarch.  I do not know of any programs of late that you can just copy the program folder from one computer to another and still work.  I believe this is done to cut down on piracy and illegal distribution of programs.


          There are settings that need to be set in your computers registry among other places for it to work and the installation disk will install everything you need.


          Now, if this is a network version, you will have to be connected to the network and a registered user in order for it to work since the program resides on the network.



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              kpham3699 _

              Thanks, Ralph.  This is a stand alone version.  Unfortunately, I misplaced the installation disk, but I did register under my name.  Who I should contact or what I should do in order to make it work?  Thanks.

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                  Olly Bond

                  Hi kpham,


                  Datawatch should be able to remind of your licence code if you registered the program, but I don't think they'll be able to provide replacement installation media. You might find the media available on popular online auction sites, however.


                  Datawatch generally support the current version and the one before - so v10 and v9 are supported now. Upgrades generally work from "the version before last", so an upgrade to v9 would install from v7. Whether Datawatch still offer upgrade pricing to v9, now that v10 is released, I don't know.


                  If you don't mind spending a couple of hundred dollars on the upgrade, and I would recommend you do, then the easiest thing to do would be to contact Datawatch's sales team.


                  Best wishes,