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    Only gettting the last record!

    francisco _

      There's one more thing I would like to ask,

      The NTE's are notes.

      Some of them will repeat more than one Z01 for example:



      NTEZ015292509 20090427-20090507 2 4.64 21.2~

      NTEZ015310119 20090511-20090521 1 2.32 10.6~

      NTEBOL'Third party add:-1409 Fairfield Rd-Minnetonka,MN 55305~

      NTESPHAccount 737W04~


      Each NTE is part of one record (They are appended) There is no problem when there's one instance of each NTE, but when one repeat more than one, only one (the last one) is the one writen.


      In other cases, in the table window, records that do not contain either one of the NTE, they display that missind NTE from the previous record.


      I try the solution you provided for me and created a templete for all NTE regardless of the TRA or Z01 or BOL so I can do the slpit just like you showed me. The problem here is that it's also giving me the last NTE instance listed for each record.


      Thank you.


      Thank you