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    Eek- Multi Line Field- kinda...

    jenny0531 _

      Hey all, I have Monarch V7 and I have been working on this report trying to get the Comment fields and Insurance fields. Sometimes there are two and sometimes there are three... I tried going in and doing the preceeding string- but then it only seems to pull the last comment or insurance... UGH- I am out of ideas- can someone please help?!?!


      12345    SMITH, JANE                  101004  01/09/04   915  DROP SHIP-N     Prepaid  NET 30        SCH DEL 15TH GROUP E   101                                                                               

      Patient:      SMITH, JANE               Forecast: N                                                                               

      Type  Comment                                                                               

      ///   111/222/333 DJKR    0944888999                                                                               

      ///   GLOVES                                                                               

      ///   RX                                                                               

      Scheduled Delivery Insurances               Patient Insurances                                                                               

      111 - INSURANCE 1 NAME LIKE MEDICARE        998 - Pat Ins1 Name                                                                               

      222 - INSURANCE 2 NAME LIKE MEDICIAD        999 - Pat Ins2 Name                                                                               

      333 - INSURANCE 3 NAME LIKE PRIVATE PAY                                                                               

      Omit Non-Covered Insurance                                                                               

      1. of           Primary   Secondary Tertiary                                                                               

      Item Number          Description                           Qty Days              Del Proc  Del Proc  Del Proc                                                                               

      AAA 1234         DIAPER, ADULT WINGS SUPREME LG             96                   NO -YES   N/A       N/A                                                                               

      BBB 1234         UNDERPADS,DURASORB 23 X 36IN +            150                   N/A       N/A       N/A                                                                               

      CCC 1234         GLOVES, LATEX POWDER FREE LG +              3                   N/A       N/A       N/A                                                                               



      Thank you much! I think my head might explode from all the thinking- lol, usually Monarch and I get along wonderfully, but maybe its the short week, but I can't get it to like me again