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    Trapping footer line with no details above

    sheriefpk _

      I trapped a line as footer and it shows in the report view.  How ever, if the footer do not have any lines above it as details, this line is missing in the table view. e.g., I have 3 items(pen = $3, pencil=$4, ruler=$2)  as detail and the total of them  as the footer (StationaryItems - $9). Now if the report do not have any items for Stationary, it shows as (Stationary Items - $0). Such items without detail is not showing in the table view, though it is trapped in the report view. Please help. I want to see these lines in the table view.

        • Trapping footer line with no details above
          Grant Perkins

          Hello sheriefpk and welcome to the forum.


          The Report View will shor you what MAY be trapped by your trap definition but the footer (or appends) will not appear if there is/are no detail line(s) to extract.


          I assume that when yuo have no detail lines you have the total but with a zero value and you need to always report that category even if there are no transactions?


          If that is the case then you will need to 'see' the report in a different way. How you do that will depend on the report and whether you have Standard or Pro Monarch. Basically you need to find a way to make sure each category always has at least one line - even if the line is not really a detail line.


          Can you post a short sample of the report so that we can see what is looks like and then try to identify some options for you?